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Our competition and adjustable benches with various power bars will ensure you get the most effective and balanced upper body workouts possible. 


Not confident with the free weights yet?

Well our brand new Watson gym machines are perfect to help you build up the strength and coordination to bridge that gap! 


See for yourself; scroll below to see some examples of what we will have available at Rebel Gym!



We have really pushed the boat out to make sure you all have the best equipment around and what better place to start than our custom made dumbbells!

Made by @watsongymequipment these dumbbells are indestructible!

CNC machined from solid stainless steel rather than cast makes them many times stronger, perfectly accurate and far more compact than any other dumbbells available. 

You won’t find cheap, uncomfortable and dangerous dumbbells used at Rebel!

These premium dumbbells with thick 35mm handles are perfect for all your presses, rows, curls and extensions!

The Rebel Dumbbell
The Rebel Dumbbell

Rebel Dumbbells made by Watson Gym.

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Dumbbells up to 40kg
Dumbbells up to 40kg

Dumbbells made by Watson Gym

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The Rebel Dumbbell
The Rebel Dumbbell

Rebel Dumbbells made by Watson Gym.

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Our competition spec bench press made by @kustomkitgymequipment gym has everything you could ever need to progress your bench press!

Super adjustable so you can always set it to your optimum height, competition spec for you powerlifters, band pegs, adjustment weight leavers, adjustable safety bars and an incredibly strong built to last finish!

Combine that with our power bars, eleiko plates, all our specialty bars and we have all your pressing needs covered!


This Animal chest supported T-bar row by @watsongymequipment is one of the best machines out there to isolate your back.

Fully rotating handles, handle width and footplate height running on a super smooth linear bearings to allow for super quick and easy changes.

There is no better way to blast your upper/mid back and again you won’t find one of these for miles around outside of Rebel gym!

The Animal Row
The Animal Row

A fan favourite for back day!

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The Animal Row
The Animal Row

This is a fantastic machine to hit your back it multiple ways.

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Animal Row Foot Plate
Animal Row Foot Plate

Change the height of the plate for optimal rowing.

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The Animal Row
The Animal Row

A fan favourite for back day!

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At Rebel gym we tailor for everyone and all abilities. Not all of us can rep out tough body weight exercises such as chin ups and dips but our assisted chin/dip machine allows everyone to perform these movements safely.

Great for those of you just getting started or those of you who want to work those higher rep ranges!

Simply select the weight needed to help you with the movement and you are done. The heavier the weight you select the easier it becomes and then you can progress at your own pace.


This heavy duty machine allows you to train lat pulldowns and low pulley rows without the need for 2 separate machines. No cable changes needed!
Adjustable leg brace keeps you firmly in place during heavy lat pulldowns and the large foot plates are perfectly positioned for heavy low pulley rows.
Combine this with the huge arsenal of different attachments we have at Rebel gym and you can train your back in so many ways!

Lat pulldown.png


Our Watson pec fly/rear delt is a dual use machine that perfectly isolates the chest with fully adjustable arms and handles.
By adjusting the start position and facing into the machine the it’s a great way to isolate the rear head of the delts.
A total of eight 30 mm roller bearings makes this one of the smoothest pec fly/rear delt machines available.

Combine this with our specialty bars, custom made dumbbells and our other specialist gear and you are guaranteed a great chest work out at Rebel!


At Rebel we believe and teach the benefits of free weights and large compound lifts. 

Having said that we also know the benefits machines have especially when you just want to isolate a particular muscle!

Our Watson seated stack row is a great example of a fantastic machine for working your back muscles. Simply sit down, adjust the machine to your size and then row!

Grab the neutral grips for more traditional rows or the wider grips for more upper back. 

With a 120kg stack it has more than enough weight for your most challenging back workouts!



Here we have our Watson single stack chest press! 

This machine is great for beginners who are using weights for the first time and those times where you just want to focus on your pressing muscles. 

The raised foot plates allow you to lock yourself into a solid position and the ‘easy start’ foot bar helps you get into the start position. 

With multiple grips you can focus on different areas of your pressing muscles and the 120kg stack will challenge even the strongest of users!


Our seated shoulder press machine is a great machine to isolate the pressing and shoulder muscles. 

Great for beginners who are nervous of pressing overhead and ideal for those times when you just want to focus on getting those higher reps in on your shoulder workout. 

With the option of 2 different grips and and a weight stack which you can adjust to go up in small increments, it is an easy machine to set up for everyone.



Our Classic bench row provides the perfect base for performing rowing exercises while protecting the lower back.
This heavy duty rowing bench is fully height adjustable to suit all arm lengths. It’s completely solid and stable and has an ‘easy access’ step on the rear foot.
Not only does it come with its own olympic row bar for added range of motion but it also has specially made dumbbell stands so you can do this same exercise with dumbbells if you prefer!