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Everyone who trains knows the joke about missing leg day but at Rebel Gym we look forward to it. As a member you with have access to 3 custom made power racks and multiple specialist barbells. No matter your level; beginner to power lifter you will have the tools needed to build that strong base and core. Scroll below to see some of the kit Rebel Gym will have available!



Sick of moving half your entire gym around grabbing benches, a barbell and then somehow making it comfortable to perform hips thrust?
We won’t have that problem at Rebel! 

The glute blaster by @watsongymequipment is specifically made for loaded hip thrusts and all variations such as single leg glute bridges. 

Simply lie down, add the weight either side, click the belt together and you are good to go!

With a solid foundation of squats, deadlifts and lunges this machine will compliment your leg training and help isolate those glutes!

Make this apart of your training and watch the glutes work!


We don’t skip leg day at Rebel. This machine is a plate loaded belt squat and is ideal for hitting the lower body when you want to save your back.

The load attaches via a belt, so no load is placed throughout the upper body.

This is great for beginners learning how to squat, for those with shoulder or back injuries where a heavy barbell isn’t ideal or those times where you just want to focus on nothing but high reps on leg day!

The list of exercises you can perform on this machine is endless! Different stance squats, calf raises, hip thrusts and many row variations.

This really is one of the most varsatile leg machines you will ever use!

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This is one item of equipment you may have never seen before, the inverse curl machine!

This machine made by @watsongymequipment brings the benefits of the tough manual leg curl/glute ham raise to everybody. 

This machine adds assistance to the movement so you can learn the correct technique first before progressively reducing the load. The more weight you add to the frame, the more assistance you have.

As you get stronger, gradually lower the weight used until there is zero weight on the machine, at this point you can perform a perfect body weight leg curl. 

Fully adjustable for all users and the handle can be adjusted to help at any range of the movement you decide to work on. 

Trust us there is no machine like this for building those hamstrings!


Any gym worth its salt will have either a heavy duty leg press or hack squat......we will have both!

Both plate loaded and built to last by @watsongymequipment 


With a large foot plate, users can vary their feet positionining to hit different muscle groups.

Trust us when we say we have you covered for leg day in the new year!




Our standing leg curl machine is one of the most humbling ways to train your hamstrings. 

Working each leg individually (which we all need more of) simply hold onto the handles and curl your heal up to your glutes.

This is a simple to perform but hard to master exercise so don’t be surprised if you suffer from cramp the first few times attempting these! 

Stick with it though and you will soon see the benefits of using this machine in your plans.

We look forward to having you all down in January so you can try it for yourselves!



Our heavy duty, fully adjustable 45° deluxe hyper extension will allow you to train and build up your back like very machines can. 

Whether it’s to help build up the muscles to reduce back pain or strengthen up that area to increase your squats and deadlifts, the adjustments on this machine make it suitable for everyone.
Fully adjustable thigh as well as ankle pads, this can be set up to target muscles from all different angles. 
Resistance band hooks are incorporated into the front of the machine if you want to make the exercise more challenging! 

The perfect machine to work your back, hamstrings, glutes and core muscles!



At Rebel we know the importance of a well built power rack and a strong platform to deadlift from which is why we will have multiple of each. 

Our special edition Watson power racks have everything you could ever need to lift heavy in a safe manner. 

Dual chinning bars, band peg holes and safety bars that can be set at any height so you can always lift knowing you are safe, even without spotters. 

Combine these racks with our assortment of power bars, specialty bars, deadlift platforms and our dedicated leg machines for the best leg session you could have in any gym!