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Just because we have so much strength training and muscle building gear does not mean we have forgotten the cardio side of your training.

If a high heart rate is what you seek then our Ski erg, battle ropes, assault and spinning bikes will certainly do the trick!Scroll down to see some of the other kit Rebel Gym will have available!


Our echo bikes by Rogue are heavy duty fan bikes which will challenge your cardio in a way very few machines can. 

This is one of those great bang for your back cardio exercises where you can burn an insane amount of calories in a very short period of time. 

At Rebel we don’t believe you need hours upon hours of cardio to get in shape and with the right coaching and nutritional plan to back you it will get you most of the way there. 

Having said that, getting your cardio done on machines such as this in the right doses will help you get there that much quicker!

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Our concept 2 ski erg is a fantastic machine to get the heart rate up, improve fitness and burn a ton of calories. 

Targeting the legs, arms, and core for a full body workout this machine is incredibly easy to use and works especially well when used as part of a circuit. 



You won't see many corporate gyms with these floating about.


These are fantastic to add to your training programme - these can be added to your bench, squats, deadlifts, dips, pull-ups, pushups and many more exercises for strength and speed work. 

These can be used on their own or in combination with bands as well. 


Through appropriate programming these could be added to your training.



With various band sizes and tensions we have the complete set of bands for everyone to use.


Generally used for glute work and attached to barbells to increase the intensity of an exercise, this generally misunderstood tool is great to add to your training when used correctly. 


As with all equipment at Rebel gym we will be here to show you how to get the most from these in your training.


Our power bags are a great alternative to your traditional weights used in gyms.


Perfect for total body workouts these unique bits of equipment are great for squats, cleans, lunges and many other exercises.

Great for beginners learning to use weights for the first time and ideal when use in fat loss circuits.

We have the complete set from 5kg all the way up to 30kg!

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Our Rogue kettlebells are the best money can buy!


Perfect for so many exercises such as swings, presses, squats and rows


Not only great for strength training but for building your conditioning at the same time! We currently have kettle bells from 4kg to 32kg.


Our adjustable squat box by Watson gym equipment is the perfect tool for box squats, step ups and various glute bridges.

Box squats are one of the best ways to teach a beginner how to correctly perform squats. Our boxes can be adjusted to multiple heights so everyone can use them.

The large, stable, padded platform has been made to last a lifetime. The build quality makes it suitable for the heaviest of exercises!