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At Rebel Gym we have every specialist bar you can imagine.


All our bars have different purposes and are designed for different peoples fitness in mind.


Please scroll below to see large selection of what we have to offer!


This is probably one of the oddest looking bars we have but just like the safety squat bar, it is great for relieving stress on the shoulders.

A popular bar with power lifters and those wanting to gain more strength with their squat the bar forces you to be more controlled and tighter throughout the entire body or the bar will rock all over the place. 

Those of you who have not used this before are in for a treat!

Safety Bar.jpg


Here is one of our favourite specialty squat bars, the safety squat bar! Also known as the hatfield bar. 

You will notice the main difference with this bar is that the handles are out in front of you. By holding the handles here rather than wider like a normal bar it can help those of you with shoulder issues. 

The shape and camber of the bar forces the weight out in front more which forces your back muscles to work harder.

You can also perform other exercises with it such as walking lunges, good mornings, split squats, step ups and shrugs. 

The padded frame that the bar comes in makes it generally more comfortable than a standard barbell and once you give it a go you will see why so many people prefer it.


The trap bar and the exercises you can do with it are always gym fan favourites which is why we made sure we have one at Rebel. 

A great bar for shrugs and deadlifts especially, which are much easier to perform than with a regular barbell.

A lot of people prefer the trap bar with how the way the handles are positioned. People have found deadlifting with this quite effective.

Trap Bar.jpg


Ever used one of these before? It’s called an earthquake bar and is one of the most unique bars you will ever use. 

When combined with a couple bands and kettle bells to hang off the ends it makes it one of the most unstable and difficult bars to master. 

The way the bar is designed is to amplify the kinetic energy made from the movement of the bands which makes it incredibly difficult to control. 

This unstable movement makes it a valuable tool for rehab of the joints such as the shoulders and we mainly use it with pressing movements such as the overhead press. 

Many laughs have been had watching people try this for the first time so keep your ego in check and don’t go too heavy on your first go. 


We have every single mag bar available to work your back from all angles! 

If you have never used mag bars you are in for a treat. They are much more comfortable than a standard round handle as it disperses the force of the back exercise throughout the entire hand, not just the fingers. 

This takes the focus off gripping the  bar, and allows the user to focus on the targeted muscle group without prematurely ending your set due to grip failure. 

Great for all types of rows and pulldowns you will be impressed how much more you can isolate your back muscles with these tools at your disposal

Mag Bars.jpg
The Extreme Power Bar Curl
The Extreme Power Bar Curl

Ready for some great biceps

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The Extreme Power Bar Curl
The Extreme Power Bar Curl

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The Extreme Power Bar Curl
The Extreme Power Bar Curl

Ready for some great biceps

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The special design of this bar pushes the weight forwards in an arc as you curl keeping constant tension on the biceps even at the very top of the movement.

The long revolving handles are angled at 10° to reduce strain on wrists and elbows and give the most natural feel possible as you rep away.


Our Cambered bar by Elitefts is an incredibly versatile bar that we believe is essential in all gyms. 

Great for all types of pressing, rowing and various arm work. 

The main benefit to this bars is that it allows you to press heavy with a neutral grip which reduces shoulder pain. 

We have numerous clients who are unable to bench press anymore without pain but with these bars they can go heavy again pain free!

There is more to gym life than your standard gym barbell and at Rebel we have every bar you can think of!



Similar to the cambered bench bar our Swiss bar by Watson gym equipment is great for pressing, rows, extensions and curls 

Another built to last a lifetime bar which is used especially for pressing with a neutral grip.

With multiple grips to use you can blast your muscles from all angles with this bar!


Our GLS crane handle bar by Primal strength is one of the most versatile bars you can use when combined with our lat pull/row machine. 

The bar lets you quickly change between 5 grip width options, all using a supinated grip, pronated grip, neutral grip or anything in between.

The low friction rotating handles even allow you to change grip angle mid-rep, emphasising the stretch position and the contracted position of the back muscles to maximise recruitment.

Great for all variations of pulldowns, rows and face pulls at Rebel

GLS Crane Handle.jpg